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The Free Books of "Sagery, a User's Manual for the Mind"

There are really three e-books that make up "Sagery." And you can really download them for nothing.

Each of the books is an e-book, in the PDF format, which you can read on your computer or print out for reading away from your computer. If you're not familiar with the PDF format, you can download the free Acrobat reader (which reads PDF files), at: Acrobat Reader

Before you download the books, you can read the forward and the first three chapters of Book One in your browser, then decide. Read Chapter One

Book One: Secrets of the Mind Revealed (The Sage Model). The first book will teach you how the mind works so that you will understand your own thought processes and how to change the self-talk that you don't like. Download Book One

Book Two: Tearful to Cheerful (Empowering Your Sage). Book two takes each of the nine parts of your being, and shows you why some of them conflict. It also shows you how to use your Sage Part to reconcile the disagreements. Download Book Two

Book Three: 21 Steps to a Lifetime of Happiness (Advanced Readings). The third book is a series of chapters that address such things as drivers, how your beliefs affect your life, and more. Download Book Three

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